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Transalpina (DN67C) is the highest road in Romania. It’s one of the famous Romanian high altitude roads. With a length of 146 km, it goes trough the Carpathian Mountains, topping out at 2.145m (7,037ft) above sea level in Pasul Urdele. In 2009 it was completely paved. 

Located in the Parang Mountains group, in the Southern Carpathians of Romania, it’s one of the most spectacular roads of the Carpathian Mountains. The road links Novaci, south of Parang Mountains and Sebes in the north. This road is closed during the cold months of the year but it can be closed anytime when the access is not cleared of snow. The road has its highest point at Urdele Pass. It’s quite famous and it attracts an impressive number of tourists due to the experience it provides: driving through a mountainous region and being surrounded by nature on all sides. You can only imagine the landscapes you are bound to admire on your trip. But what you might not know is that Transalpina also offers a beautiful natural setting. In fact, if you take this path instead of the one leading to Transfagarasan, you will be taken aback by what nature has to offer you. Transalpina, known as “The Devil’s Path”, is Romania’s newest attraction twisting and turning from North to South across the Parang mountains.

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